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- Making good choices and finding safe passage to healing and renewal.

It seems to me, that as a society, we’re constantly scratching for a direction that will help give us the clarity that seems to elude many of us while we journey here on planet earth. Being “in control” isn’t just some whimsical...

Time and Technology
I recently watched a nightly news clip that made me chuckle. On the video, a smiling anchor-woman spoke enthusiastically about the possibility that in the future people would be able to read newspapers on a computer service that was picked up...

In Between

- In this present age of "distracted and in-between," where do we find meaning and purpose?

The Phone Call
I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty intelligent person. One of my favorite stories to tell is of an incident that happened in my sophomore year of college. I had decided to take a sociology elective, but I...

At the Table
My least favorite hour of the entire week is between 11 am and 12 pm on Wednesdays.